Hormone Reset Diet Testimonials

Thank you for offering the Hormone Reset workshop. I’ve tried to always be on top of the foods I eat but learning about the hormonal impact of foods was fascinating. Your real life version of this reset made it very approachable. Remember I was looking to change the water filtration system in my home before starting?! Happy to know I could participate without buying a new refrigerator or getting an entire system installed;) I tend to try to be all in but the way you have evolved this into your own made it less intimidating and I think more successful than an individual just reading the book without coaching. 

The guest speakers were a great addition and access to the videos made it easy to stay involved when my schedule didn’t allow to attend live. A HUGE perk is the continued access for ongoing support as well as future reset opportunities. 

I lost 6 pounds, 2.5 inches on waist, 1 inch in hips and have been able to get back to eating in a way that makes me feel good rather than just eating what I may crave. And the cravings!…I can’t say enough how thrilled I am to have curbed my sugar cravings. Thank you!!!

Cheryl, 2017

Conceptually I loved the idea of approaching eliminations in a paced approached vs a full elimination. I got the book and tried it on my own without any success but knew the issue was me and the lack of accountability when doing this on my own. 
I was thrilled to try this with the support of Michelle and the group and did have a complete different experience. The expert but realistic advice from Michelle as the leader was invaluable and being able to share successes and setbacks with other women going through the process helped me stay on track.

I lost several pounds and inches but more importantly gained so much knowledge so this becomes a lifestyle not a diet.
My one critique is that I wish Dr Sara had not used the word diet in the title.  I definitely underprepared before starting so if there is a way to formalize the personal reading and prep before starting so that the accountability kicks in right away for those of us that need it, that would be great. Also, the guests were incredible additions with so much to offer so I would definitely amp up the message on that…it was like multiple free webinars! 
Thanks Michelle!

-Lisa, 2017

Michelle, I can speak from experience of just doing a group with you…I was super hesitant. I knew some of what to do and had been implementing some of the things piecemeal. I was familiar with the book that you used to guide our group experience. And yet I finally recognized that I wasn’t doing it on my own. I decided to treat myself with some Christmas money. And I can’t say how grateful I am that I did so!! The accountability was WELL worth the money, not to mention your coaching, the camaraderie of a group, having you available to ask specific private questions to, getting recipes, exposing us to some specialists in the field and hearing what they had to say, it was all great. It just felt really fun to be in a group. Even your suggestion of journaling, which I know how helpful journaling is and yet I never do it, was awesome. The structure of it all was invaluable and cannot be underestimated! (Everyone talks about how kids need structure, but adults need it just as much). The check-in calls helped with accountability. You setting up a Facebook group and encouraging us to participate also really helped. These are all things I know, but was not able to do on my own. It feels lonely when you’re on your own. A group gives an immediate sense of support. So I guess I’m advocating for group support here. 🙂 with you as the leader!  

-Sharon, 2017

If I had read the book and gotten it on my own I think it would have seemed overwhelmin with all the things she wanted us to track and do. I feel your approach made it much more doable and sharing encouragement and recipes along the way helped me stick to it. I think I probably would have quit if I had attempted it myself. I lost a total of 12 pounds and 6 inches from various body parts. I feel much more in tune with how foods and thing effect me now than before.


-Amy, 2017

Michelle, I know I just gave a response to a similar question on your regular Facebook page. But one thing I would add is that you had me during your invitation video when you said candidly that you can order Dr. Sara’s book used on Amazon. 🙂 I so appreciated your realness and understanding about the cost of things. I loved in our pre-diet phone call that you said you don’t need to go out and buy all the gadgets and gizmos and spend a lot of money on scales, home test kits, etc. And how you didn’t take a picture of yourself because you didn’t want to…. 🙂 in other words,  not blindly following every single thing Dr. Sara said. Your realness and authenticity totally created trust for me quickly. 🙂

-Sharon, 2017

The Hormone Reset Diet program was a great way to kickstart some healthier life habits and get real about what is going into our systems and the effects! I found the three-day eliminations approachable and easy to follow. I loved having live sessions and really appreciated the exposure to additional resources like Sandy Dixon and Kristen Gayman. The Facebook community really helped keep me on track! I lost 7lbs and several inches off my hips and waist. I found it challenging at times to come up with a complete meal plan and shopping list that accommodated my whole family. I did not complete the blood sugar or blood pressure monitoring. I think these would be easy to add if I repeat the program.

Your honesty and sense of humor really provided a safe and positive platform to dive into this journey. I believe these methods and your passion have the ability to be life changing. Thank you so much!

-Angela, 2017

So we’ve been down in Florida visiting my parents since last weekend. Talk about challenges!!!! First, we drove so you can imagine how hard it is to make healthy choices at 3am while driving (w 3 kids under 4yo with us). We were still on the reset so I tried to bring as many hard boiled eggs, carrots and hummas type snacks as I could but still… Since being here we’ve visited a friend who made me a plate when serving lunch so I didn’t know how to be like can I put most of this back?!  She also drove 2 towns away to get us this famous pie she loves, everyone is offering me wine everyday, then my mom makes homemade everything (pasta, sauce, meatballs, etc..) and then we went to Disney for a day! So to say the least I’ve fallen quite a bit. Not to mention it’s just been BUSY and when doing the reset and in general w my health, I need a lot of time to think and plan. It was hard to go straight from the diet to vacation. I needed more time to get used to a better eating lifestyle. However! The reset was an amazing challenge for me and I think it really did reset my hormones. I don’t feel so defeated after eating something “bad” and I’ve been able to find some balance. I’m sticking to my morning lemon water and my parents have a gorgeous workout facility here. So for as much as I’ve failed, I’ve also won. I am not ready to leave (here for 2 more days) but I’m already ordering a few supplies to have ready as soon as we get home to pick back up. I was freaking out a little at first but this is vacation after all and all this food/opportunities is not part of my normal life. Whoohoo sorry for the long post. I’ve felt like I disappeared from the group for a while so it felt good to write this.

-Megan, 2017

You were great to work with and responsive to questions. Laid it all out in a real way. I’ve done online things before with beachbody  “coaches” they never really know the science behind it. I feel like you take a full holistic approach. I’ve got lots of work to still do but this has given me a great starting point. I lost about 6lbs and my didn’t really measure. I know but I will next time.

-Rose, 2017

I will write the same testimonial here that I have in person to countless people: Doing this reset with Michelle has provided an expert guide and support network that I couldn’t possibly have on my own. Michelle prepared us weeks in advance for what was to come, posed questions daily, held weekly video chats, and responded to any and all questions. The group provided camaraderie during a challenge that was physical, emotional and environmental – hearing from the other participants both reassured me on my path and prepared me for challenges I hadn’t yet thought of.

-Candace, 2017