“Thank you so very much for the thought and care you are putting into our sessions together. I understand the creative energy it takes to meet with people privately and I am extremely grateful that you are holding our hands through this hormone reset. I am learning so much, and I know my mom is too! She has struggled with her weight for most of my adult life and now it is truly starting to effect her quality of life as several major health concerns are starting to settle in. Words cannot express how much I appreciate your part in her journey towards a healthier lifestyle. And there are many people behind the scenes waiting to thank you as well (my dad, her recently deceased mother who begged me to help her get healthier, all her grand kids, etc, etc, etc).”- Carrie Koziol, LPT, Pilates by Carrie, 2017
“I Lost a little over 12 pounds, lost 4 inches in hips and 2.5 inches in waist. Last night was the first time my blood sugar was under 100 (96 to be exact), can’t wait to see what my A1c comes back as (did that this morning). Ladies, this was not easy peasy, as they say, but SO WELL WORTH IT !! Haven’t been this thin in 13 years (but still will continue as I have 25 more pounds to go!) Hoping this will be a lifetime change: Carrie, thanks for “roping me in”; Michelle, thanks for all your “gentle guidance and encouragement”; I wasn’t perfect all of the time, but “I Done Good” – ha!” -Kathy, 2017


Michelle is so wonderful! She is very easy to talk to and she breaks down the world of health and nutrition (which can often be confusing with all the contradictory information out there) in a way that it can easily be understood and applied to your life.  I already notice I have more energy and am thinking differently about the food I eat, as well as life in general. I have even decided to finally pursue a dream of becoming a certified yoga teacher! My whole family has really benefited from me doing this program as the quality of our foods and exercise has become more of a priority for all of us. Highly recommend her!”

Amy, 2016

“I am so thankful for your encouragement during Maisy’s first few weeks and months.  If not for your candid and honest advice I don’t know that I would have been able to stick with nursing my little love.  Truly, you said all the right things and really bolstered my confidence when it mattered the most. You told me to never quit on my hardest day and, without fail, when I pushed through those rough days the next few got a little easier.  Thank you so much for taking the time to encourage me and cheer me on.  I will forever be grateful to your kindness.”

Emily, 2015

“I was a bit nervous to try anything new because, well, I felt that I tried everything. Honestly I felt I had nothing to lose when I reached out to Michelle. Her personality was so open, warm, inviting and I felt an instant connection to her. It was hard to make the changes I was told I needed to make but Michelle held me accountable and I knew it was my last road so I had to give it my all. I didn’t realize how many foods out there promoted fertility (and ones I was eating that probably weren’t helping) and as soon as I started eating them, I instantly felt like I was back in charge.  It didn’t happen immediately but within 4 months I was pregnant.”

Sarah, 2015

“I’m a mom that is done having kids but I knew my insanely stressful life was destroying me as a mother.  Where I was also eating horribly because I was just a robot in this world running around as if I was programmed.  I remember breaking down in her office and thought I HAVE TO MAKE A CHANGE or nothing would change.  It was affecting me as a mother and my family was falling into my pattern.  I had to take responsibility for my happiness and the choices I was making- Michelle was right by my side to do that.  And boy did she hold me accountable.  That helped so much because eventually things just started becoming part of my life.  And I’m never turning back!”

Jill, 2014

“I started eating fish like a mad woman last month because I discovered a few I really like. After a total of 33 months trying with no success, THIS I the month I finally got pregnant! I’m super early (5 weeks) but it happened!

Thank you Michelle- without our talk and materials, this wouldn’t be happening now, I’m sure of it.  Yay!”

Becky, 2015

“Michelle’s classes are so fun and interactive!  I love her information but I also love how many participate where we all learn from one another.

I don’t necessarily need to see her individually so her classes are a great way for me to stay up to date on what’s healthy and good in the world.”

Donna, 2015