This is a valuable space where I will be sharing experiences from schools, events, and directly from parents.  The testimonials on this page will be not only from my Health Coaching practice but also from experiences from my children’s book series featuring my daughter, Brooklyn.  If you ever want to share your experience with me or ask me questions about what I offer, you can reach out me directly from this website on my Contact page.

We like trying new foods, and Brooklyn has inspired us to make it a more regular thing.  We do a new fruit or vegetable every week now as a family tradition!  Some weeks it’s new to us all, but other weekends it’s something my hubby and I like that he hasn’t tried yet.  This weekend my son discovered jicama (which my hubby and I have always liked) and also enjoyed it!  It’s fun to explore new foods.  We only have one rule… if we don’t like it, it’s ok to spit it out.  He seems more comfortable knowing he has an out just in case it’s yucky to him.  Thank you for the inspiration to make this more of a constant, Brooklyn!!  -Stephanie (2018)

Thank you for the many videos that you post.  My son and I watch them together.  He gets excited to try the food that he is trying.  That helps a ton with my picky eater.  We have also been letting him help more in the kitchen which has opened his eyes up more to try new things.  – Brianne (2018)

What you are doing DOES make a difference, too! Its hard to start something up like that, but as it gets going and going, you will see so much impact. I just know it. My nieces grew up eating chicken nuggets and corn, and I knew that’s not only unhealthy but not fun at all. I love how you are sharing new foods as an adventure!! Keep it up momma. – Stephanie (2018)

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