Hi!  How Are You?  I’M SO BUSY!

Hi! How Are You? I’M SO BUSY!

I am so guilty of this habit we, as mothers, have created when it comes to casual conversation. “Hi! How are you?” “Gosh, SO busy. How are you?” “OMG SO busy too. I can’t keep up!” “I know, right?” The conversation takes a screeching halt. At times you may even find...

RIP The Life I Once Had: The Mourning Period

I’ve always been attached and connected to things that others may say goodbye to in an easier way. I felt bad if a stuffed animal wasn’t played with enough, I am ultra-nostalgic about trips, college, and apartments I’ve lived in. I reminisce about times in my life...
Am I an Old Mom?

Am I an Old Mom?

I had a long-term boyfriend from college that lasted WAY too long with too many hopes of him being the actual “one” when in reality there really isn’t THE one. He was the one at one point but I believe (don’t tell my husband) that there are many people out there that...
A Letter to that Mother in the Corner

A Letter to that Mother in the Corner

Hello mother and friend, I am watching you and see you are struggling.  The look in your eyes not only longs for answers but also sleep.  I may know how you feel but you also have a very unique story.  You’re longing for answers, confirmation that what...

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