So He Suddenly Doesn’t Like Spinach?  What?!

So He Suddenly Doesn’t Like Spinach? What?!

We can get into food ruts and comfort zones when we finally find something our child will eat. “Just give her a cheese stick, she’ll at least eat that…” has rolled off my tongue a few more times than I would like to admit. Even if the food is healthy, eating the same...

I Tried It! Now Let’s Celebrate!

Brooklyn is a child that really gravitates toward reward and seeing the progress of what she does. When we are figuring out what motivates our children, paying attention to what they respond to is essential to this. Your child is unique, and only you know what they...
Mad Skills to Create and Adventurous Eater

Mad Skills to Create and Adventurous Eater

Getting your kids involved in the kitchen is one of the top ways to bring out the adventurous eater in your child. Being a part of the show will grow their confidence, excitement and they will want to try & be a part of the applause. You may be thinking more...

My new children's book is out on May 1st, and to celebrate, I'm giving away NINE exclusive, limited-edition "I Tried It" prize packs!

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Join Brooklyn on the road to adventurous eating as she inspires Simba, Jax, and her friends to try new foods.  Brooklyn uses fun & creative ways to motivate her friends to be explorers and for families to create a positive family table.  “I Tried It!” also has wonderful tools you can bring into your own home and use at your table.  Mealtime can be fun and enjoyable with Brooklyn and the ways “I Tried It!” inspires your child.

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