I Tried It!

Join Brooklyn on the road to adventurous eating as she inspires Simba, Jax, and her friends to try new foods.  Brooklyn uses fun & creative ways to motivate her friends to be explorers and for families to create a positive family table.

“I Tried It!” also has wonderful tools you can bring into your own home and use at your table.

Mealtime can be fun and enjoyable with Brooklyn and the ways “I Tried It!” inspires your child.

It’s Just Me… Brooklyn

With brilliant illustrations, clever observations and sweet humor, It’s Just Me Brooklyn encourages and opens the conversation about positive self-esteem in children… A sparkling celebration of being an individual and loving yourself…just the way you are!

You don’t have to be a singleton to enjoy this book! Being solo at times is healthy for the soul, at any age. Knowing you are amazing, no matter how many people are around you. To honor and not fear being on your own at times, to celebrate it. Being confident in your own skin, but knowing there is always love around you.


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