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Michelle Mansfield


Who doesn’t want this in life?  There was a time when I wasn’t sure what it meant to live a life full of energy, confidence, passion, and self-love. It’s a different story for everyone; finding the reason, the WHY, that we are here on this earth. It isn’t about the scale or a quick fix. Its not in a pill, or a magic drink; it doesn’t deprive, or end after a month-long “challenge”.  It’s a lifelong path full of realistic and sustainable choices that empower us to be the unique person we are.

Every day you have the power of choice. Taking charge of my health, my happiness, my fuel for life is the choice I make every day.  And it is the best decision of my life.  It has given me my daughter, Brooklyn, and has made me an amazing mother, wife, teacher, leader, positive friend, and supportive woman. This choice gives me an open mind and no room for judgment. I’ve learned how to manage the crazy things, and even crazier people, that life throws at us, all while not allowing negativity to be a part of this ride.

When you recognize your unique “ride” in life, your WHY, and decide to make your physical and mental health your #1 priority – THAT is when you will live a vibrant, sexy, and energized life!

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1.     Have you tried everything and still aren’t where you want to be with your health & happiness?
2.     Frustrated with what you read, what your friend is doing, or what you’re told to do because it just isn’t right for YOU?
3.     Are you looking to take small steps to gain momentum- the best “ride” towards lasting change?
4.     Do you want more energy, brain power, confidence, strength, and positive vibes in your soul?
5.     Are you ready to ENERGIZE YOUR LIFE?


Let’s fix that!

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